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CAD/CAE Outsourcing Services and Capabilities provided by Real Simulation Enterprises

Services provided / capabilities

2-D drawings / drafting

RSE firm provides the detailed drawings of Aerospace, Automobile, Machine components using Latest Engineering software’s with hard & soft copies.

3-D modeling

RSE enterprises involved in solid, surface modeling the machine part, aerospace and automobile parts. 3-D modeling is done with help of very latest Modeling Engineering software with very high accuracy.

Mechanical design

RSE enterprises also works for the mechanical design of the different components in the various fields like automobile, aerospace and Defence etc.

Reverse Engineering

Detailed design of the mechanical / electrical component is done using reverse engineering.

Structural Analysis

RSE enterprises have capabilities to perform structural analysis (Static & Dynamics), thermal analysis using FEM techniques with complete analysis report and interpretation of results obtained from the analysis.

Plastic Mold Design

Detailed plastic Mold Design.

Modal Analysis:

RSE is also involved in Modal Analysis of mechanical components. Modal Analysis is used to determine the vibration characteristics (Natural Frequencies and Mode Shapes) of a structure or a machine component while it is being designed or design failure analysis. It also can be a starting point for another, more detailed, dynamic analysis, such as a transient dynamic analysis, a harmonic response analysis, or a spectrum analysis.


Also RSE enterprises offers training on Engineering Drafting, Solid Modeling to the professional who are working in the industry and facing / having some problems on the subject.

Projects or work assigned will be completed within prescribed time or schedules will be strictly observed.

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